That Ugly Girl

Grey_T2023/01/21 20:33

Hi there, I'm Milly and no I'm not the author but I'm the main character who is basically the ugly hi and suffers from bullying bla bla.... But now is when I strike so yh read, if you wanna know how.

Dear diary, it's Mills again. Today was much more worse than yesterday, I got slapped in the face by you know who Kendall Matthews the mean rich brat. However, that's not the good part, I know you're like what a good part??

Well you see I've put up with this bullshit long enough and decided to take action, I mean why not? So guess what? I pushed her down the stairs and stepped on her pretty Pomperella shoes. I felt so damn proud you know but that's not all I used her so called shoes to hit her nose and she bled

Sadly I was taken to principal Caitlin's office and I got a one week suspension. Mom came to pick me home and she ranted all the way home saying she's so disappointed and I was like " what in the hell, woman you were the one who told me to stand up for myself" and she was like "yes buh buh uh, I meant in a responsible way". I was speechless, well I just finished having dinner and I feel like I've fulfilled my destiny. See ya tomorrow diary.

Love Mills.


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