F*ck Your Feelings

iamlasisi2023/01/21 14:54
F*ck Your Feelings

I wonder why everyone are all telling you, “You’re superb!” that “You have an amazing life,” that in fact “You could be the next president.” Fu*k them all, do they really know what you want?

How many times have you sit down (per day) and asked yourself, “What do I really want in life?” “Where am I going?” “What exactly is the source of my motivation?” “Do I really care about money?” “What if I didn’t achieve anything people think it’s made life worth living?” “Will people still remember me?” “Or am I just a useless piece of crap?”

Yeah! It’s challenging. Ultimately hard to face your fears. What you’ve been telling yourself all this years actually end up being a made up lies. You say…?? Yeah! Bunch of crap!

Let be honest; you don’t actually need a sh*t. It’s your belief. Your belief about money and happiness. Those are the things that are fu*king you up – day by day. And because you don’t know, and the people around you didn’t know (because probably right now almost all of them are still chasing happiness) that was why you’re still living a miserable life.

For you to be truly happy in life, you must first forget about happiness. (You heard that right?). Trying to find happiness will only took you further away from it. In short: Happiness Require Struggle. Yes! Your ability to suffer.

And hey, this is not going out there doing rubbish sh*t. Working your ass off all because one fu*king I AM LASISI .COM said you should suffer. Fu*k yeah! All am saying is that, you should stop chasing happiness. Happiness is right here before your nose, staring and looking straight at you and yet you didn’t get it all because you’ve been living a fu*k up life. And all the people around you (including your family members) that could’ve directed you are all also living a miserable lives, it’s just that, they’re more than happy forcing themselves in that illusions, that, you know, very soon, as in just very soon, everything gonna be alright. For where??!! Alright my ass! You think doing that same sh*t over and over again will suddenly change the bull-fu*king-sh*t in your life? Ride on! It is after you get up to sixty or seventy (and this is not promising anyway, who knows, you might just die any moment from now) years of your age that you started realizing how long you’ve been hanging on to this stupid lie of yours. But then, it will be too late.

But relax, I AM LASISI .COM is ready to help you. Yeah! I’m a Coach, Speaker & Writer. All the bullsh*t you’ve been hanging on will definitely face my challenge, and my fu*king challenge that am talking about is: “What exactly do you really want in life?”

Without answering that question… well, am sorry, you’re going to continue living in that miserable lies. Lie about what you want, who you should marry and most importantly where you should be in life. And if you’re already married, well, maybe both you and your partner are just bunch of liers. Feeding each other with an awesomely badass lies. Yeah! Operation tell me and I’ll tell you, when in reality, you’re both suffering in silence.

But thank God, I wouldn’t accept that! Seriously, I wouldn’t accept you to waste your life on something you didn’t even care existed. Unless you’re ready to ditched this, (yeah this book), that is the only way you could escape my teachings. But before you RUN AWAY, relax, it wouldn’t be that hard as you’ve thought. In fact, it will be a beautiful journey, full of bumps and shallow waterfall, incorporated with youthful and invigorating English, backed with an awesomely badass experience, and lastly but-not-finished permanent and spiritual enlightenment, where your life will skyrocket and germinate to yet another universe, (but in reverse), we might as well forget about all this sh*t. So, let get to our main point…

You must get the fu*k out of your stupid mentality.

You must be a man (or woman) or whatever the fu*k that you really wanted to be. In as much as you’re ready to face all this, believe me, your life shall never remain the same. And whether you believe it or not, this book is an unconventional book. H*ll, I might even say it’s a book you actually shouldn’t be reading, because it will challenge you to the core.

Although, I might not be that great of a little beast, but behold, I’m a king. A king on this journey, where nothing actually matters, but the meaning you put behind every fallings and difficulties. And that my friend, is the reason you’re not happy. Yeah! Your inability to figure out your main reason of suffering.

“You can be a joke to your family, a success to your colleagues and a brilliant dude to your fellow man. But yet, be a total loser to yourself.”

(I Am Lasisi .Com).

Having money is good. Building wealth is better. Accumulating degree is excellent. But the question is: “Why are you doing all these?”

Yes! Why are you getting more degrees? Is it because you really want to? Or just because people told you to do so?


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