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Aphasia can bring about a lot of speech and language problems that are to be treated for speech therapy. The kind of speech and language problems brought by Aphasia would highly depend on the kind of Aphasia that you may have.   Brocas Aphasia   Brocas Aphasia is also known as motor aphasia. You can obtain this, if you damage your brains frontal lobe, particularly at the frontal part of the lobe at your language-dominant side.   If Brocas Aphasia is your case, then you may have complete mutism or inability to speak. In some cases you may be able to utter single-word statements or a full sentence, but constructing such would entail you great effort.   You may also omit small words, like conjunctions (but, and, or) and articles (a, an, the). Due to these omissions, you may produce a "telegraph" quality of speech. Usually, your hearing comprehension is not affected, so you are able to comprehend conversation, others speech and follow commands.   Difficulty in writing is also evident, since you may experience weakness on your bodys right side. You also get an impaired reading ability along with difficulty in finding the right words when speaking. People with this type of aphasia may be depressed and frustrated, because of their awareness of their difficulties.   Wernickes Aphasia .  When your brains language-dominant areas temporal lobe is damaged, you get Wernickes aphasia. If you have this kind of aphasia, you may speak in uninterrupted, long, sentences; the catch is, the words you use are usually unnecessary or at times made-up.   You can also have difficulty understanding others speech, to the extent of having the inability to comprehend spoken language in any way. You also have a diminished reading ability. Your writing ability may be retained, but what you write may seem to be abnormal.   In contrast with Brocas Aphasia, Wernickes Aphasia doesnt manifest physical symptoms like right-sided weakness. Also, with this kind of Aphasia. Buy this eBook! 

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