[PDF/Kindle] On Women by Susan Sontag, Merve Emre, David Rieff

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On Women by Susan Sontag, Merve Emre, David Rieff

  • On Women

  • Susan Sontag, Merve Emre, David Rieff

  • Page: 208

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9781250876850

  • Publisher: Picador

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A pithy and brilliant introduction to Susan Sontag’s writing on women, gathering early essays on aging, equality, beauty, sexuality, and fascism Susan Sontag was one of the most formidable, original, and influential thinkers of the last century. “The most interesting ideas are heresies,” she remarked, and indeed, her writing rejects the familiar and refuses party lines. On Women presents seven essays and exchanges, spanning a range of subjects: the challenges and humiliations women face as they age; the relationship between women’s liberation and class struggle; beauty, which Sontag calls “that over-rich brew of so many familiar opposites”; feminism; fascism; and film. Taken together, these pieces—relentlessly curious, historically precise, politically robust, and allergic to easy categorization Sontag’s inimitable mind at work.

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