Her true self

Val.K's poems2023/01/21 01:49

#Never give up

She's not beautiful but, she sees beauty in all things.

She's imperfect, but has the most loving heart.

She's been through alot yet, she's kind.

Her smile may fade away daily but, she always finds herself.

The dark is where her light comes from and in her light, she takes chances to make a change.

The way she speaks makes you wanna know everything.

Her words are light to the faint and fire to the cold.

She doesn't want to be an option so, why place her there? 

Her heart is very dark but she still gives endless Love.

A girl is no queen without a king, still she remains a kingless Queen.

With every betrayal that wraps around her soul, she keeps rising like a Phoenix.

She's a believer.



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