A rose tree having only two roses

Dr. Shukdeb Mazumder2023/01/20 15:44

Shukdeb Mazumder

We walked along a narrow road side by side
beside a park
where rare was the presence of any person.

Spring was the season then,
a gentle breeze was blowing from south
granting us the fragrance of flowers,
the sweet-voiced cuckoo was singing
at the top its voice to rejoice us.

And then you touched me first- through which
I first felt how love lives above all,
how love is capable of creating
a satisfying world removing much of the
bewildered looking from the face of mankind.

Then much the same thing happened
every time in our minds,
in our appearances and activities- all of which
lastly made us inclined to look
at each other still for an infinite time- featuring
a rose tree having only two roses.

© Dr. Shukdeb Chandra Mazumder

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