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DIY Umrah in Ramadan Packages 2023

Adnan Ijaz2023/01/17 21:55
DIY Umrah in Ramadan Packages 2023

This is a very popular post in general, so I've put all the Umrah in Ramadan posts I've made over the years on a single page that will be updated.

Also, this is in addition to the Do-It-Yourself 3 Star Ramadan Umrah Deal that Islamic Travel makes for you every month.

Make sure you take a look.

When should you start planning your own Umrah for the month of Ramadan?

I've done Umrah a few times during Ramadan, including last year, thanks to God. When it comes to planning an Umrah, I always tell people to start planning and strategizing early but to book kind of late.

Let me explain.

I always keep an eye on the prices of hotels and flights, and I book rooms 6 to 8 months in advance on a tentative basis that I can cancel.

You can do this with flights now, and you can also book flex tickets.

This gives me the option to cancel and rebook hotels and prices if they change.

Most of the hotels and flights I book now are paid for with loyalty points, and I have a book full of tips on how to save tens of thousands of dollars.

By doing this, you can save money on hotels, since many of them lower their prices at the last minute.

Please remember that if you book too early, like 8 to 9 months in advance, prices and occupancy may not be set yet. Or, if they overestimate, like 3 months in advance, you might pay too much. It's good to book with rates that can change because of this.

People usually start looking for Umrah too close to Ramadan, which means they pay too much.

Even though you pay a little more, it's usually worth it.

Over the past 10 years, I've helped tens of thousands of people plan and book their Umrah, so this is the best guess I can make.

Let's look at some DIY Umrah packages for Ramadan 2023, keeping all of this in mind.

From about March 22 to April 21, 2023, Ramadan will take place.

The first two weeks of Ramadan are always the cheapest time to fly or stay in a hotel. This doesn't surprise me, and I like that time because it's not as busy.

The packages are always made for 10 days. You can change them and make them fit your needs.

If you book through the links, we'll get a small fee, but you won't have to pay anything extra. I always tell people about the best sites to book flights and hotels, and not just because they pay me a commission.

Flights for Umrah during the month of Ramadan

There are a lot of different ways to get to Saudi Arabia by plane. With the new Wizz Air routes, you can now go on your own for a great vacation or a cheap Umrah. Tickets can also be changed in a number of ways.

Check out the prices for open-jaw tickets, as I say on the page about "done-for-you" Umrah packages.

If you don't want to book right away, you can also use Google Flight Track to check prices.

Agean, a Greek airline, now has year-round flights to Jeddah. I'm very happy about this. The flight is only three and a half hours, so I think it's a good way to break up the trip. I'm also biassed because I have family in Greece.

Hotels in Makkah and Medinah Ramadan 2023

Hotels are usually a good way to save a lot of money, depending on where you want to stay. We all know that prices can go through the roof during Ramadan, and hotels can cost thousands of pounds or dollars.

If you want to stay somewhere cheaper than a five-star hotel, you can stay farther away and maybe walk a little. Check out my book if you want to find out how to save money on hotels during Ramadan. There, I talk about what it means to be a loyal customer, how to book, and how to get tips.

From the table above, you can see that the price goes up as you get closer to the last 10 nights.

Still, the prices are good for being a little farther away, and if you can stay in the mosque more than once, you can have a better Umrah for less money.

Many of the big hotel chains have made it harder to book a room in the last 10 nights. This doesn't mean that they were all taken; it just means that they were booked ahead of time, which usually happens 3 to 4 months in advance.

So, before people go on trips, I always tell them to buy refundable tickets and check out the competition at least once a month.

Also, if you want to travel on a budget, I think you should read our guide to travelling on a budget. You can save up to 40% on your hotel stay if you book during the Christmas sale.

During Ramadan, the cost of the Umrah goes up.

Here is a full list of all the ways to get around.

We also tell you how to book the Haramain train and give you a lot of other useful information.

Of course, you will also need a visa. Here are some of the costs to think about.

Different ways to get around

Use Careem, Taxi, or Uber.

By train, from/to Makkah to/from Medina

135SAR / £30

Taxi from Jeddah to Makkah

190-270SAR / £35 -£60

You can take a taxi from the Medinah Airport to the Masjid and the train station.

25SAR / £5

From the Makkah train station to the Haram, we took a taxi.

30 SAR / £7

From the Makkah train station to the Haram, there is a bus.


Overall, you can find reasonable prices for an Umrah that you do yourself in Ramadan 2023.

Yes, the hotels aren't super central unless you pay £1000 per night, but you can avoid crowds and save money by praying, say, 4 out of 5 prayers in the mosque and the other one in the hotel.

Depending on the options you choose, Umrah could cost about £1,700 per person for the last 10 nights. This price is not too bad.

At one hotel, you can go all out, and at the other, you can save money. I also think it's a good deal for early Ramadan to stay at the Pullman Zam Zam.


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