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Emeka2023/01/17 09:00

A write up outlining the futuristic effects of Alcohol on the unborn Child from conception to first years in School



Throughout the Torah apart from the 10 commandments mankind was given dietary laws to keep them healthy and prevent the spread of sicknesses and diseases. A few examples:

✓ introduction of the quarantine system to prevent the spread of leprosy which is being practiced today all over the world.

✓ Instruction to eat neither fat nor blood. Today, fat and blood are consumed and we see outbreak of cardiovascular diseases leading to sudden death.

✓ Instructions not to take strong drinks

This entails that Alcohol has far reaching effects on our health.

For this article, we will focus on REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH

Every pregnant woman waiting to receive the next generation must remember that habits, lifestyle and choices will have effect on the unborn child.

The mother of Samson was given specific instructions concerning alcohol consumption for the following reasons;

1) Alcohol causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a neurodevelopemental disorder that affects the muscles and Samson would need his muscles to fulfill his assignment against the Philistines

2) Alcohol causes irregular periods (2-3 times a month), affects ovulation and causes 1st Trimester Abortion. It is possible that Samson would have been aborted delaying the deliverance of Israel from the Philistines.

3) Alcohol reduces sex drive and causes impotence. This is against popular opinion that it increases it. This probably would have affected Manoah’s ability to get his wife pregnant.

Alcohol has deleterious effect on the reproductive health of the father, mother and specifically the unborn child affecting cognition and learning later in life.

In consumption of Alcohol think Generationext.

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