Vulture2023/01/15 09:22

This poems speaks of daily lives realities that keeps showing up daily in various aspects of fighting for survival as humans

When the sun arise, when creating another chance,

It may be a good sound, when you make a bounce,

Then realities arrive, thy chained alive,

Either struggling to survive and that means life,

When booms arrive, situation switches to fine,

Chap a boss in a ride, Brandy Scarlet's and onaments to tie,

Adoptive life style, solving all paying bill any fee?

Eeeh! When trustees wage a back bite, that's a surprise,

Exercise for more, don't loss hope,

It's literally a chase chase, cling to the right pace,

For moments we're alive, because of those we appreciate,

We keep up the feelings and the passion they generate,

Deep down we invest what we can't calculate,

The clock ticks and time evaporate,

Things rotate, No more rest so we wage a calmulate,

We move on a bit heart torture,

Oooh! Miamoree it over,

Sometimes sweet and appropriate,

That's when we penetrate, we glow and celebrate,

Then the chapter unfold, Aloe teast dominate,

Keep your hopes what can't kill irrigates,

Look up to the best, who made life and the universe,

He'll provide the best in each case,




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