Fasuyi Marvellous2023/01/14 22:29

When I was younger

I had many dreams

And many aspirations

It all seemed like it would never come true


When I was younger,

I hoped to be the best

Among my colleagues

Among all my mates

And among all my superiors


When I was younger,

I dreamed of becoming a writer

One who writes

And moves the heart of the audience

One who writes

And millions are moved and touched

And they begin to think about their lives


When I was young

I used to be a reader

Storing knowledge in my little head

For the purpose of the future

Reading things from far and near,

Far and wild

Either for my level

Or beyond my level

Either for my scope of learning

Or aside from my field of learning


When I was younger,

I hoped to become a singer

Singing melodious songs

To praise my God and king

Writing motivational books

And giving motivational speeches

Advising the broken hearted

And helping others

To have a dream

And to fulfil their dreams


Now that I am old

I am a few steps

To achieving my ambition

Because I have achieved great things

And I am doing what I like most

Investing greatly in my talent

Because it is the greatest investment

Anyone can engage in


I recall all I had said

When I was younger

Becoming a journalist

Was one of my ambitions

Achieving results

And making meaningful impacts

Doing things unthinkable

I change the world

With my words of mouth

I cause a revolution

Through my pen and paper 

Going where no one has ever gone

10 steps ahead of others


Now that that I am old

I praise God

For making me alive

And taking me

To where I am today

Making a somebody

Out of a nobody

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