All for Myself

La Kasha2023/01/14 18:20

All for Myself


La Kasha

So what after all,

Who knows it right all,

Not anyone at all,

But I want to get all,

All from the halls of fame.

What did I knew about fame,

Nothing at all,

But now I want it all,

For all to see me in the hall,

The hall of fame for all,

Though it doesn’t work for all.

Someone was coming for all,

Something was given to all,

For all to use it all,

It’s never until you lose it all,

That you see everything in all,

It’s your responsibility after all.

Go get it all,

All to yourself, not for all,

Am dying for it all,

For I have known a way to the hall.

Author: La Kasha


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