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La Kasha2023/01/14 18:04



La Kasha

The night caught us unprepared,

And it's quite some distance,

All way to the fishing waters,

The roads are dirty at nights,

We trek the silent forests tonight,

Down the valley we stroll,

Gently down the stream,

Careful we approaching the elusive river,

Famous for its mysterious crocodile,

Slow down I'm catching some fever,

We can't afford to lose our people,

Whose's ready to bleed their hand,

Uncompromised sacrifices for the safe cross,

Our boat is ready now release the rope,

We set out for fishing with some hope,

To bring back something home,

Dad is set and ready on the steer,

We go fishing but the water is not clear,

All daddy want is to feed us at the bay,

So we be saying our prayers not to be the prey,

May our bait be a blessing for our day,

All we came for is the fish no other business,

If we can fill the boat that's our happiness,

In these danger waters survival is for the fittest,

Let's be hopeful to catch one of the biggest,

For we got to sort what to feed over the weekend.

Author: La Kasha


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