Echoes of the Heart

Ali Zafar2023/01/14 16:45

The poem expresse the emotions of someone who has experienced the loss of a significant relationship.The speaker's heart beats for their former partner, but now aches with pain as they come to terms with the end of the relationship. The speaker reflects on how they gave their all to the relationship, but it ultimately resulted in ashes and dust.The speaker expresses their intention to move on and love again, but with more caution and less haste, and hopes that their next love will last forever.

My heart beats for you, a steady drum

A rhythm only you can hum

But now it aches, a constant pain

As love and loss become one refrain

I gave you all, my love, my trust

But you left me in ashes and dust

I thought forever was in our fate

But forever was just a fleeting state

I'll pick up the pieces, mend what's torn

And love again, though it may be born

With a little more caution, a little less haste

And hope that forever will truly last

But a part of me will always ache

For the love that we had, the love at stake

And though I'll move on, my heart will stay

Forever yours, in every single way.


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