The man in khaki

Neo Eze2023/01/13 00:07

The poem has five stanzas with 31 lines. The poet talks about the soldiers and their works

The man in khaki

On the war front

Fighting the battle

Far from home

To secure peace

Under the sunshine

With skin cut hair

And a tough body

Whose face is fierce

With a rigid heart

A built up body

With six packs


The man in khaki

Vigilant and gallant, forever

Standing straight like a whole number...

Whose fear have gone

For thy eye knew not mercy

A man whose happiness

Is always in bringing joy

To his people

With the help of the bullet

In his hands

Hi! Salute

To the men in khaki

In the forest, Sea and distant hill

With no fear of things unkown

But are ever ready to make

Everyone calm and still

At all cost

To give us freedom


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