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Eirlysss2023/01/11 13:11


One, two, don't let them blind your views.

Beware of falsehood, beware of the shimmering lies.

Three, four, guard your words, speak only the truth.

Don't let them mislead your tongue with sweet rewards.

Five, six, break free from the shackles, the restraint of power.

Don't let the greed overcome your senses like a mermaid's lure.

Seven, eight, safeguard your life for only the victors can tell a story.

Don't haphazardly join a fight without a plan.

Nine, ten, be the face of righteousness in this world full of deception.

Fight for a cause, be free from the murky darkness.

At the count of ten, hide, let the seeker seek, come out when the time's right.

At the count of ten, be ready to announce the truth, no matter the content, no matter the context.


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