Scent of Hiding

Eirlysss2023/01/11 01:05


Friendly as she is,

always gives advice and answers queries.

She laughs at every tiny parody,

smiles at every little thing---so silly.

Her charm was her beauty,

a beauty she was insecure and shaky.

She attracts souls who need therapy,

a normal occurrence of hers every day.

Her confidence was seasonal,

she's cold but lowkey emotional.

But beneath those facades, a stash was hidden,

full of worries with no endin'.

Midnight was her sweet haven,

a time when she was free and in heaven.

In the darkness she drowns in misery,

searching for reason and clarity.

She's an open book,

but only a few can look.

She was a master of hiding,

an artist secretly hurting.

Her scent was as sweet as roses,

hiding the thorns that pierces.

She was always fine and appealing,

for she mastered the scent of hiding.

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