The Man from Tomorrow

Bleeding Quill2023/01/10 11:19
The Man from Tomorrow

Yesterday I met a man from the year 2093; he wore a tattered suit made from very strange fabric, the kind I hadn't seen in this timeline, his hat; translucent and bore a canary's feather on its brim. He carried a grey suitcase with the words "Children of Eve" inscribed on the side in cursive. He was frail, his skin was dark brown and glazed like a ceramic mold, his eyes were rather large with a monocle hanging on the left eye, he was neatly shaved with thick black hair on his head, clutched firmly in his in his right underarm was a rather peculiar walking cane; black oak with a silver fox crafted on the hilt. he told me some things about the future, that if I reveal any of that or try to change any of it, there'll be a cataclysmic butterfly effect; a ripple that may destroy time!

"The Man from Tomorrow"

Culled from the personal journal and accounts of

Kudi Msughter. 2020AD

Bleeding Quill

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