The Fallen Angel

Lexus2023/01/09 23:32

It is said that, a very long time ago in heaven, there was a war. Some angels who had gone renegade decided to rise up against The Maker. However, their plot failed because The Maker and His heavenly angels, fought back viciously and of course, He is the Almighty and He won. The story didn't however, end there. The renegades were exiled and sent out of heaven above. Some fell in the sea, some on land and some stayed in the air.

Those who fell in the seas of course had to adapt to aquatic life. They had to look like the creatures of the sea in order to fully adapt. That's how mermaids and mermen came about. Those that fell on land became demons on the land and those that hung in the air became demons of the air. They are widely know as fallen angels.

The almighty, in spite of His victory over the renegades, was generous enough not to take back their powers. They kept their powers and that is why they can be able to harm us today. It is said that native doctors, soothsayers and even some men of God tap their powers from them. As for the story about men of God dear readers, never accuse a man of God of getting his power from a questionable source. For starters, you don't have any proof. So, attacking him would mean going against bible principles which say "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm."

However, in spite of the fact that these spirits have powers, they have one limitation. They can't exist in physical form. Hence they need a body to possess. Here in Africa, and you might have watched it in many horror films, evil spirits possess dogs, cats and owls. They also do possess humans. Many years ago, I was told of a story where a man was bitten by his own cat; a cat that he loved and trusted and had lived with for many years. The cat bit him and would not let go. It burried its fangs in the man's leg and stayed there. All his attempts to remove the cat's teeth were futile. Finally he resorted to strangling the cat. He strangled the cat until the cat was killed. Then and only then was he able to free his foot from the cat's vice-like grip. The cat was buried at the back of the house, beside the refuse dump. But the story didn't end there.

Whenever this man or his family was going to dump dirt in the refuse pit, they would see the cat's ghost, chasing them. It happened for a long while and they had to fimally vacate that house. Animals are genrally believed to not have a soul or a spirit. However, that particular cat was extrordinary. It was most likely possessed.

It is very important to give a Christian burial to a loved one. I will explain why. Africans genrally believe that a dead person can resuurect and cause harm to the living. However, the Christian bible debunks that. If you read Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, it says the dead have no connection to the living. So if people say that they have seen the ghost of your loved one roaming the streets and haunting people at night, you should refuse to believe. This is what might have happened: an evil spirit might have possessed the body of your loved one and now moves around causing havoc. That is why a Christian burial is important. With a Christian burial, no evil can come around the grave of your loved one.

Fallen angels do move and live around us in the guise of humans. That is why we have to be very, very careful in this life. In fact, being careful in the way you live your life should be your first, second, third, fourth and fifth concern.

Many years ago, while I was a teacher, I actually did come into contact with a fallen angel. She was my student. I even fell in love with her. It is a long story but I will try to make it short for you.


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