The Battlefield

MPLAYER92023/01/07 04:29

The poem is about the teRror of battlefield do check it and give your feedback thx.

The Battlefield


A profound stillness ahead of ruin

In the fury of a war

Behold the men, rise strong and firm

As today they battle to "exist"

What begin a war but a battle cry

Watch them charge to meet death

Their swords broken

Their shields shattered

What is the colour of rain but red

What father, what son

The battle never judge

A survival between men

Watch the men become monsters

Watch them crave for blood

Their minds twisted

Their instincts awaken

No return, a valley of death

No one same, no one happy

Their souls taken, their happiness lost

A scar left, deeper than a sword

Watch the men, fight the men

Watch the death meet them all

Their courage questioned, their strength lost

What is a man but a human

Their bodies shaken, their instincts wild

Men who have tasted blood

Their life lost, their thirst remained

Those men never the same, their minds corrupted

Why do we fight, why do we fight

More than a soldier, be a father, a brother, a husband, a son

Why let others control you

Be a captain of your own self

Let the music heal you

Let the wind guide you

Let the daughters meet their star

Let the world be at peace

Written By

Musawir Ahemd


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