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SPACEBOY pan David Walliams, Adam Stower



  • David Walliams, Adam Stower

  • Nb. de pages: 368

  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

  • ISBN: 9780008579982

  • Editeur: HarperCollinsChildren’sBooks

  • Date de parution: 2022

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Go back to the Space Race with No.1 bestselling author David Walliams for a breathless cinematic adventure full of mystery, action, laughs and surprises - and a secret that could change the course of history. America. The 1960s. Stuck on a remote farm with her awful aunt, twelve-year-old orphan Ruth spends every night gazing at the stars, dreaming of adventure. One night she spots a flying saucer blazing across the sky.
before crash-landing in a field. When the spaceship opens and reveals a mysterious alien, all Ruth's dreams come true. But does this visitor from another planet have a giant secret? Spaceboy is a hilarious and action-packed tale for readers in any solar system. David Walliams was most recently Children's #1 bestseller with The World's Worst Pets (TCM chart: 30 April 2022)

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