Specifications of police dogs

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There are several characteristics and specifications that distinguish police dogs from others, including the following:

Specifications of police dogs

Specifications of police dogs 

There are several characteristics and specifications that distinguish police dogs from others, including the following:

Sense of smell

Police dogs have a strong and sensitive sense of smell that is estimated to be fifty times stronger than that of humans, as police dogs can, through sniffing, identify criminals, drugs, bombs, and many dangerous tasks.

In addition to smell sensitivity, it is considered a picky sense, as it can distinguish a particular scent among many other overlapping scents.

Body strength

Some police dogs are characterized by physical strength, such as the German Shepherd dog, which causes many criminals to surrender without the need for chasing and fighting, and therefore the presence of police dogs reduces the occurrence of physical confrontations between the police and criminals.

Military capability 

Some police dogs work with military personnel according to special training, in order to be used in various military operations, such as: search and rescue, guard, trackers and detectors, examples of such dogs are the German shepherd dog and the Dutch shepherd dog.

Types of police dogs and their specifications

The police use several types of police dogs that differ in their skills and abilities in order to assist in police tasks, and the most important examples of dog breeds used and their specifications are as follows:

Intervention dogs 

Intervention dogs are used to search for criminals, rescue hostages, protection, riot control, these dogs include the Malino terrier, which is ranked as the best police dog in all respects, because it is an athletic, strong and sharp-witted dog, as well as the German shepherd dog, but its use among police dogs has declined due to the emergence of many genetic problems in the breed.

Forensic dogs 

These dogs are used in Forensic Medicine ; this is due to their great athletic abilities and a strong sense of smell, these dogs are specially trained in order to search for corpses that have a characteristic odor.

The work of these dogs also interferes with search and Rescue Dogs, an example of which is the hunting dog, which has a high ability to smell, being able to catch and track the smell of traces that may last up to fifteen days.

Search and rescue dogs 

Search and rescue dogs are used in disasters, floods, avalanches, specifically in rescue situations that must be carried out, one of the best of these breeds is the giant schnauzer, which has a very active temperament that can do hard work, as well as its sharp and strong intelligence.

Explosive detection dogs 

These dogs are used for customs control, explosives, smuggling operations, detection of prohibited substances, among the most common breeds used for this purpose are Labrador Retriever dogs, which are distinguished by a strong sense of smell and sharp intelligence, as well as the beagle breed, which is distinguished by an exceptional sense of smell, unrestrained character and therefore effective in the fight against drugs.

The most famous police dogs 

Among the most famous police dogs in the world are the following: 

German shepherd dog 

The German shepherd dog is considered one of the best police dogs; it uses a loud barking sound when approaching prey or sensing danger to prevent crimes or violence, and it can also be well trained for use in rescue missions, especially in buildings that have been hit by fire or in drowning situations.

Belgian Malinois dog 

The Belgian Malinois is similar to the German shepherd in appearance and character, it is a medium-sized dog and can be used for tasks within narrow spaces that the German shepherd dog cannot reach, it is also used in armies where it helps with rescue, search and correspondence operations.

The Bloodhound 

The bloodhound has distinctive qualities that make it suitable for police work, as it has the ability to recognize certain smells, track them for as long as possible and determine the place of their emission.

The bloodhound was used in the XVIII-XIX centuries in England to help in the search for survivors of disasters, and now it is also used in search and rescue, search for places of drugs and other sensory operations.

Rottweiler dog 

The Rottweiler has very high confidence, sincerity and love for its owner, so it is a trustworthy dog, as it is used as a guard dog, but is aggressive towards people he does not know, moves quickly to attack people who threaten his owner or if he feels another threat.

Doberman dog

The Doberman dog is characterized as a very intelligent dog, as it learns quickly and is easy to train, it is also very loyal to its owner and has great strength and high speed that enables it to chase, catch and stabilize fugitives until the arrival of its owner.

It is used as a guard dog for its great ability to provide protection, and is widely used with the police.


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