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So, You're Crazy Too?.

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  • So, You're Crazy Too?

  • Page: 192

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  • ISBN: 9781637581476

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press

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An in-depth look into Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood’s long history dealing with several severe mental illnesses, and how she survived almost insurmountable odds and unbearable public scrutiny to become the strong, self-assured woman she is today. As a reality TV stalwart and one of the original stars of what’s become a massive franchise, Amber Portwood has been the subject of media curiosity and public scrutiny for almost thirteen years of her life—since the age of seventeen. Throughout the years, Amber has struggled with up to five severe mental disorders that, especially when grouped together, would bring even the heartiest among us to their knees. Currently serving out her five years of probation for a widely publicized fight with the father of her son, Amber has been on a rollercoaster of experiences since she famously emerged from prison almost eight years ago. Now, she is finally ready to share the painful and emotional journey that has brought her to the more stable and productive life she’s leading today. This book chronicles Amber’s journey with painstaking specificity, as she takes the reader through her harrowing battle with mental illness. Her story serves as a triumphant tale of rebirth, as Amber finally conquers her demons and begins her road to a healthy and happy life.

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