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FROM VENUS I CAME EBOOK (edición en inglés) de OMNEC ONEC

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  • FROM VENUS I CAME EBOOK (edición en inglés)


  • Idioma: INGLÉS

  • Formatos: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2

  • ISBN: 9783910804128


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Autobiography of an Extraterrestrial: A Guide to Self-Realization and Ascension by a Woman who came to Earth with a Mission of Love and BrotherhoodOmnec Onec came here to Earth from the Astral Plane of Planet Venus. She came as a child, in a physical body, in a spaceship. She arrived in 1955 and was raised by an Earth family. In her autobiography, Omnec explains the history, culture, and spiritual teachings of the Venusians, who have lived on the Astral Plane for a very long time and who are part of our ancestry. She tells us about her first years of life, which were spent on Venus, and about her Venusian Family. She explains why and how she came to Earth, and the mission that she was to fulfill. As a sister planet to Earth, Venus had already gone through a transformation to a higher consciousness and frequency, similar to what the Earth and many people are now experiencing. Venus at one time had a physical society on its surface as well, Omnec reveals, and in the course of its evolution ascended to a higher plane. The History of Venus, as described by Omnec, and the spirituality of the Venusians, are a Gift of Pure Love. By applying Omnecs teachings, we learn how Transformation into expanded consciousness and ascension into Higher realms can be mastered by people on Earth, in accordance with the Universal Laws of the Supreme Diety. This book is the authorized re-publication of the original version, as written by Omnec Onec in the late 1960s and as first published in the U.S.A in 1991 by Lt. Col. Ret. Wendelle C. Stevens.

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