Achieving Goals-Why Is It So Hard?

MrWhiteHat2022/12/27 00:04
Achieving Goals-Why Is It So Hard?

Achieving Goals - Why Is It So Hard?

Why do some people achieve success so easily while others struggle and spin their wheels? Is it luck - is success contagious? Or is it hard work?

I pretty much know what the answer for this is, but it seems that many people passionately desire success and yet struggle to achieve it.

The fact is that most of us are capable of both success and failure - but most of us are more likely to indulge in success and avoiding risk.

Individuals who are afraid of failure find it harder to achieve their goals. So we see most of the self-help gurus out there churning out books and audio programs about public speaking and how to achieve success. They seem to be highly successful at avoiding failure, but not at all successful in achieving their goals. Why is it so hard to succeed?

We all have to travel our own path though we don't always stay on the right one. Some people accidentally wander off their path and end up in a totally different place. In fact, some people accidentally get lost too. By adopting a different path, people can avoid the dangers of Stepping Away from the Pathway to Success.

So what exactly happens when people accidentally lose their way (Stepping Away)? They experience unexpected failures which cause them to doubt themselves, however, these failures (i.e. Stepping Away) do not stop their desire to achieve their goals, but bring about a belief that they can achieve success - a self-fulfilling belief.

These steps are sequential steps in our everyday lives, so let's take a look at how we get from Point A to Point B.

1. Awareness occurs, first you notice the Stepping Away, then after awareness and control are attained, the second step begins to occur once the initial awareness has been realized.

The next step is to once again put into action your focus to achieving your goals. The most common practice is to always In-Time and Focus on what's important to achieve your goals. The most effective process happens when a person organizes all aspects of their life to always make achieving success a top priority - a top priority to completing the primary tasks of a goal and to making sure that he/she can regularly monitor any distractions that could thieves their focus.

2. Once awareness has occurred, continuously Improve your personal effectiveness to better accomplish your goals, then and only then can you begin to take control of the Stepping Away Effect.

The final step is to keep your focus on your goals and their achievement - and as you're changing your focus and adjusting any of the steps, the Stepping Away effect will increasingly decrease and you will eventually reach your goals.

The state-of-mind must be obtained, the focus must be constant, and the goal must be in order before you can move to the next stage. Let's take a look at a simple goal that you might be experiencing - we will write down the most common of these goals.

o I am sure my hair does not look so good today in an attempt to make a good impression on my boss;

o I'm resisting eating fatty food while watching TV;

o I'm going to give up all my sweets today to treat my children and their children today;o I'm going to hit my boss over the head with a rubber hammer tomorrow if they do not shut up about the compensatory damages that were committed in the past.

The state-of-mind must be obtained; the focus must be constant, and the goal must be in order to complete the first 3 steps effectively and then on to the final stages of commitment.

Once the state-of-mind has been attained it only takes a moment to modify the focus or alter goals. The state-of-mind always determines the results.


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