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Genmar Quijoy2022/12/26 00:48

loud screams of ' help ' blast off through the city

enough to reach the hands of the locals,

fighting for the survivals with each hands tied

never let go, one's missing is one's grieving.

innocent angels were drowning to their death

while some of shameful devil had their escape,

when reality faced the fantasy, it hits different,

oh the poor creatures striving to reach the safety.

cold, starving, trembling, shaking and hopeless,

this dang calamity's the mastermind of problems,

while help is on the way saving somebody,

body's floating everywhere they cannot see.

the aftermath is the worst of all unimaginable,

loss of opportunities, damaged fields, destroyed houses,

death of a love one's, pitiful animals, plants and trees gone,

all of these outcomes is a destruction to the peace of mind.

crying, longing, trying to be strong after the tragedies,

received goods is not enough for the blue minds,

the scars it made from their unhealthy hearts and memories,

brings back some of the traumas they wished to be gone.

these moments is lethal poison flowing through their veins,

the brutality scenes scared off one's braveness,

prayers for the souls as they were guided to the heaven,

cemetery will be a famous spot for a moment.

all of these are signs for us to take action more quickly,

saving the nature we are currently living is a must,

the world will be more habitable as it seems

before the end of the world is here to burn us down.

but how can we maintain such cleanliness of the surroundings?

even a law is broken by someone in secret,

someone is opposite, hard enough to let the knowledge through,

we are the cause; we destroy, we suffer, we pray but still the cause.


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