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What is the rank of Ethiopian airline in the world?

Ady Kang2022/12/20 13:44
What is the rank of Ethiopian airline in the world?

Ethiopian Airlines is the largest carrier in the African region. With the most technologically advanced fleet and modernized provision of services, the airline is also the most progressive airline in Africa. That’s why it remains not only the preference of locals to book their flights through Ethiopian airlines contact number but also an affordable travel choice for foreign passengers.

The rank of Ethiopian airline in the world

Progressing an exceptional 11 ranks up from its previous positions, Ethiopian Airlines now bags the 26th rank among the Top 100 Airlines of the world for the year 2022.

This rank of the airline is decided as per the votes of airline customers around the world as well as the evaluation of Skytrax International for the provision of its services.

Skytrax International Awards 2022

At the ceremony held in London on 23 September 2022, Ethiopian Airlines won four awards from Skytrax International;

1. Best Airline in the African region for a 5th consecutive year.

2. Best Business Class Airline travel services in Africa for the 4th consecutive year.

3. Best onboard catering for business class air travel in Africa.

4. Best Economy Class Airline travel services in Africa for 4th consecutive year.

In addition, the airline was also awarded the Best Cabin Crew in Africa for the year 2021.

Rating of the Ethiopian Airlines

As per the official statement of Skytrax International, Ethiopian Airlines has been rated as a 4-star airline for passenger travel.

The rating was given to the airline considering the quality of its in-flight, onboard, and airport facilities as well as the consumer convenience that the airline offers for its passengers.

Why Ethiopian airline is the best airline in Africa?

Large international network

Ethiopian Airlines has a very large flight network, operating over one hundred international destinations and forty domestic ones.

Additionally, the airline owns nearly 128 aircraft. Including the Boeing 787, Airbus A350, Boeing 737, Boeing 767, and Boeing 777.

Therefore, the passengers are offered a very flexible flight schedule, making it easier for them to select the one that best suits their travel needs.

Affordable travel.

Providing premium quality air travel services at an unbeatable cheap price, Ethiopian Airlines’ success lies in it. The travel fares of the airline are very affordable that’s why it remains an ideal preference of international passengers for their cheap yet quality air travel needs.

Modernized services.

Ethiopian airlines not only have the most technologically advanced fleet but also all of the airplanes are equipped with modern technologies and in-flight entertainment systems. Moreover, the operational services of the airline also utilize the different technologies of modern times. All in all, providing customers with offline and online assistance for all their flight booking, cancelation, and refund requests.

Customer satisfaction.

For Ethiopian Airlines, customer satisfaction is of grave importance. That’s why the airline offers very easy and consumer-friendly policies for flight cancelation and refund, flight cancelation and rebooking, flight date change and postponing, as well as 24/7 customer support.

So, that’s how Ethiopian Airlines has been ranked as the 26th best airline among the top 100 airlines in the world.


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