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Life is not a minor matter

Dr. Shukdeb Mazumder2022/12/17 20:29
Life is not a minor matter

Shukdeb Mazumder

Amongst few friends new
I am one
who strongly love you.

Do you know, tell please,
how the love is?

Don't you know?

Like the Niagara Falls
or the cyclonic flow!

The tone of the deep morning sun,
can be similar to that,
the white glow of full moon,
possibly, will not fall flat.

A flower for you I have
is not in my hand or heart, actually
the heart itself is a flower
to be plucked by myself amiably.

Choosing a best friend
or a life partner
is a tough and important task
in life, to have a life proper.

Nothing more to say,
only I say life is not a minor matter
with which you should not play.

© Dr. Shukdeb Chandra Mazumder

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