Mindless thoughts

Tega gudfella2022/12/15 11:58

A conversation with my mind.

Random reasons for specific scenes.

In synced as I think deep and sink into the ocean deeps of my flows I drown in my woes as my thought leak through my pierced soul I appear to be the feet to my sole.

I closed my eyes and I was out of bounds in my mind I'm starring at an our glass, I saw my footprints in the sands of time, I felt compelled to ask but there was no one there, a Braveheart, I'd be headed were nobody dared.

Then I heard a voice, it said to have dreams but never slip till I wake up, in a fantasy world were vanity is gone and there no thing as fiction, no televison, it's odd, to tell the vision is even...

There's more to giving a hand than arms giving, understand what you've been given and never for the stance ever give in.


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