Which airline has less crashes?

Ady Kang2022/12/12 13:09
Which airline has less crashes?

When it comes to air travel, safe flying and a peaceful onboard experience are what matter to the customers the most. With flying safety a priority, all of the airline companies including Ethiopian airlines booking are always devising ways to make their flight secure for the passengers.

Let it be updating the aircraft, adding new airplanes to the fleet, having regular safety tests done, or maintaining the planes – every airline works to ensure the safety of its passengers. Yet, accidents can happen.

So, which airline is the safest to fly with, having the less number of crashes?

Safest airline in the world.

Air New Zealand has been rated as the safest airline of 2022 by AirlineRatings.com.

Established in the year 2013, AirlineRatings.com is an industry-standardized digital platform that is used to rate airline safety, inflight products, as well as health compliance of all 385 worldwide carriers within a seven-star scale.

Here are some of the other safest airlines to travel with.

Virgin Atlantic and/or Virgin Australia.

The Virgin group of airlines never experienced a fatal crash since its year of operation. Virgin Atlantic began flying in 1984, serving 33 destinations worldwide. On the other hand, Virgin Australia was then established in the year 2000, flying to 52 destinations around the world.


Australia’s airline company Qantas is among the list of safest airlines to travel with. Their fleet consists of 132 aircraft operating over 55 destinations across the globe. The airline also has its subsidiaries operating nearly 297 aircraft across 65 domestic destinations and 31 international ones. Established in 1921, Qantas’ headquarters are based at Brisbane, Melbourne as well as Sydney airports.

Qatar Airways.

The best airline in the world, Qatar Airways, also didn’t have any fatal incidents since its year of operation. It only lost two aircraft from incidents in 2007 and 2017. With a fleet size of 220 aircraft, it serves more than 150 destinations around the world.

Hawaiian Airlines.

Being one of the oldest US carriers to have never had a fatal incident, Hawaiian airline has a fleet of 65 aircraft from the US state of Hawaii. However, it serves just 28 international destinations that include;



-North America.



Emirates Airlines of Dubai, UAE never had any passenger deaths from its crashes and that’s why it is among the top preferences of international passengers for their air travel needs. The airline operates more than 3,600 flights every week to almost 140 international destinations. Therefore, speaking for its popularity among the masses. It has a fleet size of 271 wide-body planes as well as featuring the largest fleet of double-deck Airbus A380 (109 aircraft), and 162 variants of Boeing 777.


Ryanair is an Irish low-cost airline founded in 1984 for commercial operations. The airline didn’t have any fatal crashes in its history, therefore, becoming the world’s safest airline in 2018. It is also the biggest carrier in Europe in terms of passengers carried annually.

So, these are some of the airlines that have fewer crashes and are the safest to fly with.


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