A humorous issue


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A humorous issue

Enchantment is a humorous issue.

I think it’s safe to say it comes in at the least 3 temperatures. Cold, or allows name it lukewarm.

Then there’s hot and, final however now not least, my favorite — scalding.

As in primal. Irrational. Lovesick, and the slaying of dragon's form of scalding.

But appeal isn’t love.

It’s chemistry.

It’s hormones coursing through your veins.

Likewise, it’s a dopamine bolus accompanied by way of a serotonin chaser.

William turned into in advance of his time.

The point is.

We don’t see with our eyes.

The eyes gather light, and the actual seeing takes vicinity within the mind, and I like to suppose the heart.

However, the eyes are a part of the brain, driven out from early development.

Or something to that effect. It’s an effective aspect — the mind, and William knew it.

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