I want to be forever young

Dr. Shukdeb Mazumder2022/12/11 14:11

Shukdeb Mazumder

I want to be forever young for I want to enjoy
the enchantment of youthfulness endlessly.

Youth is the best time of life on which
I am bestowed,
youth is the road along which I want to drive the Mercedes car of my mind
in a broad range of mood and mode.

I want to be young for ever for I lavishly want to love
all the beauty of nature,
and beautiful love and affection, patience and peacefulness of mankind perpetually.

I wish to be young for ever to have the ability a lot
to acquire knowledge legendarily and unmask
the mystery of the universe for the benefit of the world.

I wish to be young for ever for being an entity evergreen
so as to try to make the Mother Earth evergreen.

But alas, my wish to be forever young often
lets out a long sigh of sorrow,
the present state of my life is loaded
with fulfillment narrow.

© Dr. Shukdeb Mazumder | 11-12-2022

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