The Art of Love

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The Art of Love

The art of love

I will start today's story with one saying. Osho, a spiritual teacher, says this about love.

"If you really love a flower, don't try to pluck that flower. When you pluck that flower, the beauty of that flower is lost. Likewise, that flower dies. If you really love a flower, let that flower spread its healing freely. Let it live freely."

He says more.

"Love is not imprisonment. It is freedom."

Many people collect the most beautiful experiences and the most bitter experiences in their life because of the single word love. Sometimes love becomes the teacher who teaches him or her life. Many times in life, when they are tied to another person, they burn mentally. It is a sacrifice made out of love, sometimes reluctantly.

A few people live by giving a beautiful meaning to the 4 letters of love. It can be said that having the right person at the same time is an illusion in love.

There are many cases where two lives are lost because of one person's action in an unexpected moment. Remember you loved ones. Do you love another beautiful life? He or she feels the pain you feel. So don't think of hurting those feelings. You hurt your feelings with love because of the word hope.

Control your desire to love. It will help you in case of loss.

True love is expecting nothing and giving up everything

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