How to Increase Height After 21 age

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Are you male and wondering how to increase height after 21 age? here will know how to increase height after 21 age. #HowtoIncreaseHeightAfter21age #HowtoIncreaseHeight #IncreaseHeight #IncreaseHeighttips

How to Increase Height After 21 age

You might have heard that it is impossible to gain height after the age of 21, but it is not true. exercises and activities can help you gain. 

For example, exercises and yoga that can increase height. Eat the proper diet can increase the height can increase enough sleep height. All these methods can help you achieve height.

In this article I am learning how to increase height after 21

How to increase height after 21 for male

Height is a physical attribute that most women and men want. If you are male and you are over 21 years of age, you can increase height through a good diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise

Exercise stimulates the body to make growth hormone. Growth hormone helps the body build muscle. Muscle builds bone. Bone builds muscle. Exercise also increases the rate at which we burn calories. Calories are converted into energy.

Energy is needed for the body to stay active. The more active we are, the less time we will spend sleeping. Sleeping is necessary for the body to recover from the stress of exercise. As the body recovers from its workout, it produces growth hormone. 

Growth hormone stimulates the body to build muscle. As we build muscle, the amount of growth hormone produced gets higher. This creates a positive feedback loop allowing the body to continue producing more growth hormone. Regular exercise can increase height

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2. Eat Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for increasing height. Protein is used by the body to construct muscles. Muscles are responsible for much of the strength and size of the body. 

Without enough protein, the body cannot properly repair itself after strenuous workouts. The average adult needs about 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

A person weighing 65 kilograms would require approximately 52 grams of protein each day. As we age, our body loses some ability to digest and absorb protein. We must therefore consume even more of this nutrient. eat protein food to can increase height.

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3. Dot meditation technique 

Talking about increasing height, due to the activation of pituitary gland, height increases. But how, This pituitary gland can be activated.

With this dot meditation technique, you can activate the pituitary gland. With this meditation technique, you can increase your height even after the age of 21.

First of all, to do this dot meditation technique, go to a quiet place where no one bothers you.

then draw a pea sized red color picture on a white board or white paper.

Then stand and look at that point 1.5 feet away between both the eyes and without blinking continuously for 10 minutes till see the tears come out of the eyes.

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