Why is America’s healthcare system deteriorating despite heavy spending?

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Why is America’s healthcare system deteriorating despite heavy spending?

The American people are always frustrated when it comes to the health care system. The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country, but it does not achieve the desired results. According to health experts, there is still much room for improvement in the healthcare system. According to the OECD, in 2015 the United States spent three times as much on health care systems than other countries. But despite the high spending, the results are not necessarily good. This is a sign of a weak health care system that has left the United States behind.

Recent research shows that infant mortality in the United States is a major blow to the current healthcare system. Some experts believe that the death rate cannot be accurately compared with other countries due to a lack of reliable and consistent data. But the fact is that the poor social and economic status of children and mothers has resulted in deaths despite such Huge expenses. In this regard, the US poverty rate is high, which also plays a significant role in mortality. Adolescent pregnancy is another major issue that plays a significant role in poor health and neonatal mortality. Girls between the ages of 15 and 19 are getting pregnant at a higher rate in the US than in other countries. In such a situation, the mother’s physical health deteriorates and the growing baby fails to get the necessary nutrition, resulting in premature birth. Due to the unavailability of proper planning and management in the healthcare system, the rate of teenage pregnancy is contributing to the high rate of neonatal and maternal mortality. Also, the low birth weight in infant mortality is 30 times higher in the US than in other countries.

Due to undersupply of maternity care like midwives and a comprehensive lack of postpartum reports maternal mortality rates are higher than in other countries. Most deaths occur after post-birth as in the US care system there is no home visit to look for mother and child health. Basic care plays an important role in any health system, but unfortunately in the United States, the system is weakened by the lack of midwives and ob-gyn. Experts believe that if the current health situation is not properly monitored, it will be difficult for the government to control it in the coming years. To deal with this situation, low birth weight, early pregnancy, and serious social problems need to be addressed.

Life expectancy is another blow to America’s healthcare system. Life expectancy in the United States is much lower than in countries that spend less on healthcare systems. Obesity is very common, especially in the younger generation, causing many fatal physical disabilities and diseases that affect healthcare costs and deaths. Americans are 13 times more likely to have diabetes than any other country, and they contribute a lot towards mortality. Besides, the high rate of road accidents and suicides is another unresolved dilemma in the US healthcare system. Poverty and social inequality have increased youth suicide rates. Opioids overuse, which accounts for about 1.7 percent of all American deaths, harms life expectancy. Also, poverty, economic inequality, homicides which are at a higher level especially in the young generation is becoming sources of low life expectancy.

The cost of pharmaceuticals in the United States is also very high, which may be understandable in some cases, but on the other hand, people with poor economies cannot afford it and thus fail to benefit from the best practices of healthcare. In the end, this does not mean that the US health care system is bad, but more attention should be paid to issues such as poverty, poor social conditions, poor housing, and education to make the health care system valid, transparent, and effective.

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