Michayla2022/12/03 04:14


I saw you on your death bed

Your eyes were open , but you were unresponsive

You did not blink , you gasped as your lungs begged for air

I held your hand , your hand was warm

I checked to see if you had a pulse , the veins on your neck showed where it formed

I saw you on your death bed

Your eyes were closed , you were gone

No blinking , your lungs had given up in the war

I held your hand , it was cold

I checked your pulse , there was nothing to the touch

I felt a second time and a third and a forth

I could not believe my daddy was gone

I saw you in your coffin

Your skin was silky

Your skin was cold

I could feel my heart shatter again

Just like it did on the day you were gone

Tears ran down my face

I touched you

You were cold

You were in my sister's wedding clothes

The clothes you would have worn , had you lived on

To give her away , to dance with her

I saw you in your wooden box

You were ash now daddy

I could still feel your presence wrapped around me

The memory of you played over

And over again in my head

You wore your oxygen pipe like a king wears his crown

You made it look so easy

To be you

That was just how tough you were

You battled

You fought until the very end

I only see you in my dreams now daddy

Your eyes are open , you respond with a voice that sounds so perfect

You blink your eyes

You show off your angel wings and your halo

As you jump and run , with no oxygen pipe

I reached for your hand

But you were out of reach

And instead , smiled at me

I will see you some day again daddy


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