Unsent Love Letters

Eirlysss2022/12/01 15:34


Scribbles written on a piece of paper,

an emotion and feelings of an admirer.

Confession were marked in each pages,

freeing the emotions from its cages.

Black ink formed words,

sealed inside the envelope as a letter should.

Each lines were full of admiration,

a pure and innocent adoration.

On these letters, a tale was mold,

a secret story that is yet to be told.

On these folded papers lies the hidden feelings,

a strange and crazy emotions that clings.

However, these letters were remain hidden,

locked inside the vault with no key to open.

Similarly, feelings will also remain unspoken,

affection and admiration will remain behind the curtain.

These letters are written secretly,

closed and obscured - clandestinely.

It will remain inside the vault,

unsent, unread, and shut tight with a bolt.

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