5 Health Benefits Of Regularly Consuming Jute Leaves

Sophie Sylvia2022/11/30 06:11
5 Health Benefits Of Regularly Consuming Jute Leaves

The Guardian newspaper reports that many people, particularly West Africans, Southeast Asians, Americans and Carribeans, regularly eat jute leaves, but few people are aware of the incredible health benefits of doing so. Notably, jute leaf (ewedu) is a delectable vegetable rich in calcium, protein, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, folic acid, and other necessary minerals for proper growth and systemic development of the body.

1. It guards against inflammation of the liver 

According to Healthline, jute leaves contain omega-3 fats and lycopene, which have great anti-oxidizing effects and prevent the cells of the liver from oxidative damage or inflammation.

2. It aids in weight loss 

A health article in The Guardian newspaper reveals that jute leaves (ewedu) have a crucial role to play in weight shedding. This is because of its high concentration of vitamin B, zinc, magnesium, and fiber. The presence of these macronutrients reduces the craving for junk food and maintains body weight. Hence, jute leaf is an essential vegetable for individuals on an active weight loss journey.

3. Strengthen the bones and teeth 

Jute leaves are excellent sources of calcium and magnesium, two uncommon nutrients that are vital for adequate development of the bones, joints, and teeth. Consuming jute leaves regularly maintains bone density, reduces the risks of developing bone and joint dysfunction such as osteoporosis, and increases the bones’ capacity to absorb calcium.

4. Boosts immune system 

One study shows that eating jute leaves enhances the immune system’s ability to fight against microbial infection and diseases. This is achievable because of the vitamin C and A content of this medicinal kitchen ingredient that regulates immune cells and increases the production of antibodies in the body.

5. Reduces the risk of developing heart disease

In addition, the omega-3 acids in jute leaves stop artery-clogging (buildup of fats in the arteries). As a result, there is a significant decrease in the likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases like stroke.

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