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Relation with your inner being

Inside you

Inside you

Inside you

Human being! Why human being

This body is given with so much capabilities, physical abilities, spiritual powers as well as mental skills.

It’s all just how you give response to it. Your brain mechanism and soul teach you to transform with the environmental situations

Let just thanks to the powers held within you

If I tell you that every question have an answer and that every answer is within you, there is a higher side of you that solely connected eternally with the universe. This side of yourself has the power to manifest anything you desire. You just have to call for it. These powers guide you to take each step up on the stairs of success.

“Trust your instinct, intuition doesn’t lie”

Do you ever listen your intuition, let just think that it’s your inner tuition, it teaches you from inside, that is where the answers lie that you are seeking can be found. It’s called intuition because it is found by looking and tuning with your own higher self, fundamentally your intuition is tuned to the frequency of your higher self. You can say it’s your inner voice.

However don’t confuse your intuition for thoughts which are a reflection of your current doubts and fears. Inner voice works best when a person is at peace and leaves you feel empowered, it won’t work well when your mind is in chaos, or over analyzing things or matters of life, it make hurdles in proper decision making. Definitely won’t speak to you in fearful state like “what if”, “I can’t do it” and so on.


It always works

Never underestimate the power of your intuition. So many times we make decisions carrying feeling of doubt that gnaws in your Gut, only to be found that the decision you make with your intuition saves you from bitter loses.

Trusting ours intuition often saves us from disaster.


Ø 8 reason you don’t hear your inner voice

1)     Your rational mind is too strong

2)     Your ego gets in your way

3)     You are anxious or depressed

4)     You don’t trust yourself

5)     Low esteem 

6)     You are disconnected from yourself

7)     Negative thought stops you

8)     You think that you are a looser



v Tips to strengthen intuition

Meditate daily

Meditation helps you deepen your thought process, identify your gut feeling so then it interpret messages from your intuition.

Recognition your instinct

Messages are inside you in silent form, you just have to explore it to take an action upon it.

Focus on your dreams

As our instinct try to communicate with us through our dreams, so try to focus on your dreams, you will know from time to time with experience and practice, what your gut it trying to tell you.

Be creative

Try to engage yourself in different creative activities to allow your subconscious mind to speak up to you and develop intuition

Spend time in nature/with nature 

Spending time with nature will help you calm your mind and allow your subconscious mind to think and communicate.


v 21 Daily exercises to develop your Inner Intuition

1.     Keep a Journal

2.     Meditate daily

3.     Pay attention on your dreams

4.     Be more creative

5.     Walk or run

6.     Taking showers and feel your negative thoughts wash away

7.     Notice on your sudden feelings

8.     Notice your body responses

9.     Retreat on fuss discussions

10.  Clear perspective on hindsight

11.  Do something repetitive

12.  Don’t fight back

13.  Do a blind reading

14.  Listen your inner voice

15.  Take long drive 

16.  Invasion a talk with mentor

17.  Flip a coin and focus

18.  Prepare subconscious before sleep

19.  Try to anticipate outcomes

20.  Carry sticky notes in your bag

21.  Intuition vs wishful thinking



Egoistic mind thinks that the other person did mistake on purpose while intuitive person feel positive and thinks they did what they know like everyone have their own perspective.



For every situation make a harmony with the world, creating your own reality, thanking what you have and what you do. It makes your inner self in peace. And your life became magical.


“Living in state of gratitude is a gateway to soul connectivity”.



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