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Life could be unfair you Know. These past years had thought me the biggest lessons to live with.

The invitation card on my hands has so much to remind me.

I flashed back in thoughts.

I had dated Stephen for 3years now and we had really been into each other. My parents disapproved of our relationship but I had to prove to Steph that I was willing to stand by him in thick and thorns.

It was a memorable moments with each other as we did our best in watching and supporting each other in growing.

I had always loved Steph and I saw my dream man in him.

Not until I caught him on bed with my best friend Bella.

It's devastating I tell you.

The truth about both of them in a secret relationship unveiled.

Steph and Bella had been dating for 1year and months now and I'm not even aware.

To crown it all, he had to cheat on me with my best friend.

Tears rolled my cheeks knowing fully well that I'm holding their wedding invitation card on my hands.

Life is unfair!

It is what it is I much say.

My family disapproved of our intimacy from day one. I didn't know their reason though but I know a saying that what an elderly person saw sitting down that even if a child climbs a tree, the child won't see it.

I forgive Stephen and Bella for the betrayal and I had taken the decision to move on. We weren't meant to be I told myself.

They both pleaded and sent an Invitation card to me for their wedding. I decided not to attend rather I got a ticket to take a vacation and ease myself from the hurts and get better too.

Still in thoughts, a lady tapped me from the back, informing me that my flight was announced to take off soon as individuals are meant to get in the aircraft and take their seats.

I regain myself from wandering in thoughts and made my way to the aircraft entrance.


Most times, it's not easy to deal with hurts especially from our loved ones. It's not easy to still interact with some persons knowing fully well that there's already a scar that reminds us of how much same persons had hurt us. It's not easy but it's better if we could learn to let go than live with bitterness.

Forgive them.

Move on.

Take out time to ease the pains.

PEACE is everything, you will feel BETTER.


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