vampire or a girl

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A girl who sat near the fire in the midnight and suddenly he saw a ..............

vampire or a girl

He twisted in agony beneath the earth as her fear and pain ripped through him.He screamed futility as she whimpered his name, his every instinct fighting the sun's paralysis that kept his body safe in the soil while she was tortured.

Her every breath was laboured in his ears as she struggled, her soft mortal flesh so vulnerable to the inquisition's hatred.He shouldn't have returned for her.He had brought the demons to her door right away.He felt with her every knife cut or burning flesh.

He broke through the soil as the sun's last rays fell from the sky and flew over the trees, his raged battle cry echoing over the small town.When he landed, the cobblestones cracked under him and his glowing eyes glared at the houses around him.The shutters and locks slammed into place as he landed.

He would break his promise tonight and feast once more on the blood of mortals, beginning with those who were hiding on holy ground.He approached the tall oak doors of the abbey, turning away from the peasants who were hiding in the shadows of their homes.

Her desire for him pounding against the insides of his skull, the single blow splitting the beam that closed the door.He stepped forward, ignoring the burning of his feet as he crossed the blessed ground, the robed men turning from their worship.

"You will all kick the bucket" he murmured, as the breeze whipped around the basic church, the candles smothering as his shining eyes checked out at every last one of them, stamping them for an excruciating passing.The priests dispersed throughout the area.Their fear was nothing compared to the terror she expressed in her subsequent scream.

He was annoyed, so he let the priests run and jumped over the pews to land on the altar. His curse echoed in the high beamed ceiling as the large cross hung over the door to the place where they were keeping her.

In comparison to the obstacle in front of him, the pain that was shooting through his feet was nothing.In each of his many years the image of his human confidence had been the most despicable aspect of his punishment.

The evidence that he was a monster doomed to hell and soulless, as the legends claimed.Confirmation until he met her, her delicate blue eyes continuously shimmering as though she realised some glorious mystery that he didn't.She needed him because he was the light in his darkness.He took a step forward and, resolute, grabbed the steel cross, twisting his hands in pain as smoke began to escape from between his fingers.With a scream as his burned palms tore open, he fought back the agony by prying the cross out of the door and tossing it to the side.

As he opened the door, the agonising sound of her scream made him forget everything else and he turned to ignore the priests who were looking at him from their hiding places.He screamed and flew down the steps as he prepared to disperse her tyrants.As the stake flew across the small room and punctured his heart, he was completely taken aback.

In disbelief, he fell backward and looked down at it.As the gloomy priest's robe filled his vision, he was stiff and unresponsive in his limbs.As the older man rolled him over onto his back, his rage pounded against his own skull.As the priest pulled his lips back to examine his fangs, he felt irritated.As he used his gloved finger to trace its length and outline, he seemed to smile.

He said over his shoulder, "At least three hundred years old.""However, the voice that responded was her calm and reassuring one.

She stood looking down at the priest with her light-filled eyes now cold and calculated as her beautiful, unmarked face appeared over his shoulder.Neither his ears nor his eyes could believe it.He asserted that it was more like 500.

The priest whirled and smiled as he patted the vampire's face with his hand.He couldn't help but stare at her glowing in the candlelight, her skin glowing from the praise.

How could that be?As if it had been his own, he had felt her agony and pain so close to his heart.She stood in front of him, her dark hair in place, though.She flashed a coy smile around her mouth, proud of her betrayal.While he was going after her, he had turned away from his own species and left them to fend for themselves.He had acted like a fool.

She knelt down and said, "Oh, don’t look at me like that." As the priest inserted the copper tubing into his vein, she held out his wrist.Her eyes purposely trying not to take a gander at the consumed wreck his palms had become in his work to contact her.

"You’re not the first vampire to be so easily deceived," she said as she smiled and brushed his hair away from his eyes as his blood began to slowly pour into the decanter.As she stood and watched it fill, her joy cut deeper into him than the stake in his chest.

"How much power just one sip of your blood will give us," she said in a soft, low voice.

Foolish girl, he would have given her much more than just a brief surge of stolen power.She would never be aware of his blood's potency.To use whatever is left of his life close by, he had been willing to walk out on the dull powers that were profound inside him and the dim joys.

even going so far as to weaken himself by only eating animals to show her how he would become her light and star.

His con artist and deceiver.

She turned to face the priest with a look of concern that spiked her face after he said, "You...will...all...die."

Should he be able to communicate? Her voice became strained as she moved away from him.

"He is more seasoned than the others you've entrapped," the minister said as he plunged his finger into the blood that was spilling into the glass decanter.As he tasted it, he closed his eyes in delight.They were unaware;Even he had lost track of his age.Power comes with age, rendering us useless to him.They didn't know.As she observed the hurt and confusion disappear from his eyes and be replaced by the cold of a century of survival, she bit her lip.a lovable habit, a nervous response, and relief to learn that it wasn't just an act.

He dispersed around the stake that had fallen to the ground in vain and allowed himself to disappear into the mist before she could yell at him to hurry up.

She came in behind the priest first, his burned hands encircling the man's head and snapping his neck before dropping him to the ground. She opened her eyes and held her hands up in front of her to keep him away as he turned and slowly followed.

He asked in a low hiss, "Tell me again how powerful you are my love," as she backed into the closed door.

He grabbed her by the throat and said, "I'm...Sor."He sunk his first fangs into her neck after recognizing the long, borrowed years written in her blood.Faces of his fellow vampires and men just like him who are unable to sustain her youth and power.

He deeply drained her by removing his blood-stained mouth from her skin and dragging a finger down her cheek as she stared up at him with her blue, tear-filled eyes forever piercing his thoughts.He ignored her outstretched hand as he gently laid her on the ground.He deflected the weak blow and snarled as he slammed the brave priest into the altar, acting more instinctively than skillfully.

"Do your worst demon!" the priest yelled at him.

The priest yelled, his teeth flashing in the dim light, "As you wish."

As smoke billowed around him as he left the burning town behind him, he walked with his face illuminated by the moonlight.He was a creature of nightmares and hell that was more demon than man.He could not stop the tears of blood that ran down his virus cheeks as he walked.

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