Eirlysss2022/11/25 12:45


This shit is keeping me up all night,

depriving of sleep and rest.

Always making my eyes wide open,

feeding the bags under it.

It's already morning and my eyes are still open.

The rooster's shouting loudly,

a sign that morning is near.

But I am still here, wide awake.

I tried to close my eyes

so I can enter into dreamland.

But this shit is keeping me up,

turning me into a living corpse the next day.

My brain is chaotic and loud,

always thinking of 'what if's' and future.

It won't shut up no matter what I do,

always knocking into my consciousness.

This shit is such a jerk,

depriving me of sleep and rest.

It's already morning and I'm still awake.

Really, fuck this effing insomia!


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