Top 15 Popular Places to Visit in Madinah

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Top 15 Popular Places to Visit in Madinah

Madinah is the second sacred city on earth and is very highly considered in Islam. People from all over the world come to visit Madinah every year during the Umrah and Hajj journey. Several people visit this holy city for spiritual and religious purposes. On their trip, they wish to cover all the important places to visit in Madinah. Many travel organizers provide Hajj packages 2023 Birmingham to assist the travelers to move with ease to the holy cities of Makah and Madinah. Some of the interesting places are defined below.

1. Al-Masjid An-Nabawi Mosque:

Al-Masjid-An-Nabawi was the first mosque constructed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after he arrived in Madinah. This is the second most Islamic place for Muslims after Masjid-Al-Haram. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also buried at this place under the green dome that has become significant in Masjid-e-Nabawi. It is normally open irrespective of time or date.

2. Mount Uhud in Madinah:

It is located 4 KM away from Masjid-e-Nabawi. It is the site where the Battle of Uhud was fought. After the awkward defeat in the Battle of Badr to a much lesser Muslim army, Quraysh gathered a huge army to take revenge.

3. Quba Mosque in Madinah:

Quba Mosque is the first mosque constructed in Islam. Quba Mosque is one of the few must-tour places in Madinah. It is the second-largest and most important masjid in Madinah after the Prophet’s PBUH Masjid. One of the oldest masjids in Madinah.

4. Jannat-al-Baqi First graveyards of Madinah:

The Garden of Heaven or Jannat-al-Baqi is amongst the first graveyards of Madinah. This is the relaxing place of various companions and the Prophet’s family, including Hazrat Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (his grandson) and Hazrat Fatima-al-Zahra (his daughter). It is said that the Prophet (PBUH) himself select this spot to be a graveyard.

5. First Al-Madinah Museum:

This is the first museum that was constructed in Madinah. It represents the history of Islam and also has various archaeological collections. It is the oldest museum in the city and shows the rich Islamic inheritance along with the details of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life.

6. Masjid Al-Ahzaab in Madinah:

Masjid Al-Ahzaab, located at the western turn of Jabal Sala. The place where this mosque is located is the same as where the competitors attacked Madinah. Prophet PBUH made Dua here during the battle of Ahzaab and Allah sent him pleasing words of victory.

7. Al Noor Mall in Madinah:

This mall observers around 150,000 visitors every week. One can find everything from Armani outfits to traditional Arabic outfits. This mall has a combination of restaurants, international retail, and a Family Entertainment area.

8. Wadi e Jinn in the northwest of Madinah:

Wadi e Jinn has situated about 41 KM northwest of Madinah. The valley is thought to have a mysterious value as the cars move here without drivers driving them. The Local public considers that Jinn is present in the valley.

9. Yanbu Beach:

Yanbu is an attractive beach near Madinah which is very beautiful as the city itself. Situated around 120 miles away from Madinah, you will come across the seaport city of Yanbu.

10. Masjid Al-Qiblatain in Madinah:

A visit to this sacred masjid will surely give you a rich memorable experience. In this masjid, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the command from Allah (SWT) to change the Qibla from Masjid-e-Aqsa to Kaaba.

11. The Desert Saleh:

If you have not ever gone to a desert then finding out about this mysterious and stunning desert at Madinah Saleh desert would be a great idea. This is one of the outstanding sights in Saudi Arabia.

12. Jannat-Ul-Baqi Graveyard:

Jannat-ul-Baqi is the oldest and biggest graveyard of Madinah where several friends, wives, and daughters of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are suppressed.

13. Garden of Hazrat Salman Farsi (RA) in Madinah:

It is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) rooted three hundred date palms to free Salman Farsi RA from slavery. The garden still has those date palms and grows lots of dates.

14. Different Madinah Malls:

When exploring Al Hasan Mall, Al Rashid Mega Mall, and Al Noor Mall shopping is the last thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Madinah.

15. Islamic University in Madinah:

The Islamic University was introduced in 1961 by the management of Saudi Arabia. The main purpose was to deliver the message of Islam to the world through Dawah.

Moreover, the several holy sites and many charms in Madinah could be discovered and enjoyed on your trip by availing cheapest Umrah packages 2023 from UK.

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