21 Tips To Generate More Traffic To Your WordPress Site

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21 Tips To Generate More Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Are you struggling to generate traffic to your WordPress site? Having a beautiful site is not much use if no one can see it… except for your fervent supporters (your family and friends).

Traffic is at the heart of your marketing strategy. The rules and algorithms of social media platforms are changing all the time. Worse, they can close your account overnight.

But your website will always belong to you. It is more important than ever to make your website the nerve center of your business. In marketing strategy, this is called Owned Media (media that belongs to you and that you control)

Fortunately, there are many ways to attract more visitors to your WordPress site. But not just any visitors: the most important issue is to generate quality traffic.

This article will show you our favorite levers.

You don’t have to use all of them, but combining a few of them can produce great results.

Best free tips to generate traffic to your website

Let’s start with the free solutions to get more traffic to your WordPress site.

1. Publish quality content regularly

This may sound obvious, but with the explosion of content marketing, it’s the only way to stand out in the web jungle. The competition between content is fierce.

Relevant content means quality traffic. The more detailed your content is, the better you can keep your readers coming back. They will come back to your site on a regular basis. Read these 10 tips to keep readers coming back to your website

Quality content obviously requires good targeting: you are not writing for the whole world, but for a specific category of visitors.

To address everyone is to address no one. If you aim too wide, you risk attracting tourist traffic. As big as this traffic is, it is not useful. It is therefore necessary to increase your audience in the long term. You may want to know how to write quality articles

Internet users are more and more demanding about the quality of content: if it does not meet their expectations, the penalty is clear: they leave the site and it is unlikely that they will return. The bounce rate then explodes…

Given the competition between the millions of content created every day, long and detailed content is popular. The average size of content positioned on the first page of Google is 1890 words!

2. Take care of the SEO of your site

It is difficult to do without SEO to generate traffic in the long term. In order for Internet users to find your site, you must first learn how to coax the algorithm. To increase your traffic, you need SEO-optimized content.

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The advantage of having a well-optimized site is to have qualified traffic in the long run, unlike “peaks” of traffic that you get by promoting your content on social media.

Obviously, we will not be able to go around the question only in this article.

Nevertheless, we give you some essential good practices:

Focus on the richness of the semantic field of your content. If content is king, the semantic field is its runner-up.

Always take care of the meta-title and meta-description of your publications: with these elements well optimized, you will get more clicks on your site in the search engine results.

Optimize the SEO of your images. This includes image size and alt attribute optimization.

Use relevant keywords and long tail keywords (with several words, which specify the search of the Internet user).

Take advantage of WordPress plugins that will allow you to manage the essentials of SEO without being an expert. This is the case with Yoast SEO, its new competitor Rank Math or SEO Press.

You can only improve what you measure: Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be your precious companions.


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