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In the animal kingdom, two very prominent and prolific creatures, man and lion, have over the years displayed unique abilities and through a show of power, managed to carve a niche for themselves above the other members in the the large Kingdom. For this reason, they have had the privilege of having the coveted title, 'king' used in their reference.

Lion, is one of the members of the cat family. The animal is revered in different cultures of the world and highly esteemed above all other animals in the jungle for peculiar reasons. In works of literature, be it in fables, folktales, or in legends, the big cat is always portrayed as a very strong character. Irregardless of the role the animal is featured in, whether as an hero or a villain, it is in most cases connected with matters related to power and authority.

The male lion with its muscular chest and large paws has for many years been regarded as the king of the jungle. Its conspicuous flowing mane, which projects from its head gives it a unique appearance which distincts it from the other cats. Among many communities, the animal is associated with strength and nobility. Throughout history, it has been presented as a symbol for royalty.

Man on the other hand, far from the world of fiction or fantasy rife with imaginations, in real life situation has had the royalty title accorded to him. Man and lion are therefore kings in their respective environments. In the jungle the lion prides itself as an apex predator, it hunts in style which employs use of strategies and extraordinary skills. It proves to be an hard target for any other animal which dares to challenge its dominance, and majority of them seem to understand that the cat is not in the wild to be hunted.

Man and lion equally understand the strength of one another, they cannot underestimate or underrate the capabilities of the other in inflicting fatal damage in case of a careless confrontation. The lions are very much aware of man's wide range of alternatives, hence they typically do not actively seek out on humans as preys. Any engagement between them calls for high level of alertness and top calculations. The lion's strength and power is more limited to its excursions and expeditions in the jungle.

Its powerful roaring sound scares predators and preys alike. It brings down large preys and makes a meal from them. However man has the ability to monitor and control the jungle which he can enter at will. He also has the final say in the running of his settlements, and usually maintains a tight grip which manages him to keep the animals he designates as wild at bay. This makes him the universal king. The lion, the king of the jungle is not immune to his endeavors of adventure. Through man's initiatives and interventions meant for his amusement, the lion just like any other animal can find itself in the city against its will, living in captivity in the cages away from its usual life in the wild. In this caged life, its life is entirely confined to the service of man in a variety of ways :for education or to generate money from tourism activities, or in conservation purposes among many other things that man deems necessary.



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