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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Cashew Regularly

Sophie Sylvia2022/11/21 10:40
5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Cashew Regularly

Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical fruit heavily packed with vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals and volatile oils. According to a 2014 journal by the Microbiology department of Ekiti State University, the bark, fruits, leaves and root extracts relieve pain for individuals suffering from rheumatism, sore throat, ulcer, and diarrhoea, and treat malaria and skin disorders. This article buttresses 5 vital health benefits you derive from eating cashew regularly.

1. Treatment of wounds

One study in 2012 reported that the tannin extract of cashew leaves stops bleeding when applied to torn or punctured skin. Tannin helps in the generation of new tissues and blood platelets that form a protective layer over the wound/injury. Hence, the punctured skin heals from the inside out.

2. It Relieves Sore throat

Cashew extracts from the fruit and stem are potent remedies for sore throats. According to research, cashews contain anacardic acids and vitamin C. These two elements stop the bacteria that cause sore throats (Streptococcus spp.) from multiplying.

3. Maintenance Of A Healthy Glowing Skin

Cashew also aids in the maintenance of healthy and blemish-free skin. It contains biochemical compounds which have strong anti-fungal potential, preventing the development of any sort of skin disorders such as warts, eczema and dermatomycosis. In addition, essential components used in the manufacturing of face serums and body creams in the cosmetics sector include cashew nut oils. Cleaning the skin’s pores with cashew extract encourages healthy-looking skin.

4. Protection Against Dental Cavities and Infections

Food nutritionists after a couple of experiments discovered the healing potential of cashew in tooth-related disorders. Cashew leaf contains alkaloids and saponins which are widely known medically for their anti-microbial activities. Constant consumption of cashew protects against tooth cavities, diseases and infections such as gingivitis, periodontitis, toothache, etc.

5. It Relieves Diarrhoea

According to WebMD, eating cashew regularly regulates bowel movements and prevents a loosened stomach (diarrhoea). Since salmonella bacteria often cause diarrhoea, cashew contains a tannin compound that impedes the spread of the destructive bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Cashew also contains enzymes that protect the intestinal and stomach lining, prevents excessive dehydration and, of course, a feeling of relief to anyone suffering from diarrhoea. Therefore, it is for this season that nutritionists recommend cashew to anyone that has diarrhoea.

Conclusively, ensure that you eat the right blend of fruits and include cashew and cashew-related products in your diet. Your health is all that matters. Cheers!

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