Jasmine2022/11/19 07:06

This poem is about the feeling of a woman when is is away from her lover and feels lonely.


Stick to me if I ever go in dark,

Just hold me closer coz I feel like falling apart,

With you I can walk to the empty lanes,

And yet feel no pain.

The fickering lights and shattered windows,

The spooky faces beneath the shadows,

All I can bear all I can endure,

If you speak the silence is never so sour.

But if you go silent my world goes still,

The dagger kills me gives scars so deep,

It seems like my soul leaves my body,

When you leave me I can breathe hardly.

So promise me that you will always be by my side,

Never leave me whatever be the price,

If I go wrong, be my right,

If I be weak, be my strength,

You know it's you, only you who makes me to live more,

But if you leave me like this, death for me will be sure.

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