Man can cry

Thwahir2022/11/17 19:34

Should he cry?

Should he weep?

Should he let a drop of a tear fall?

Or should he just smile and let it go?

Because it feels lesser for a man

Dad always says

Son, I like the man you're becoming

He thought he never cries

He thought his son was so strong

He thought his son was extra ordinary

He threw shades on his name

Every time he was faced with hardship

Every time his flaws were shown, in public

He was stoic

As strong as diamond

His personality refined

A typical man

An ideal form of a man

They always imagined

They mistook everything

As soon as he was alone

His eyes would be springs

Tears flowing furiously

Tears from his heart

Tears that always relieved him and purify his heart

He feels revived

Every instance that he cried into his hands

This very night, he forgot to lock his door

He felt a soft slight tap on his back

A sweet assuring voice followed

It's okay son, it's always okay

For a man to cry

A man also has feelings

A man has emotions

It was his mother

He turned around

And cried his heart out

A warm embrace from the mother

He heard a voice in his head

It's alright for a man to cry

It's normal, very normal

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