How to write a great blog post when the world is breaking

Arthur George2022/11/17 19:03
How to write a great blog post when the world is breaking

Ask bloggers in your network for help. You can open multiple sites with urlopener tool to collect data.

Don't do it alone. Ask your network of bloggers, with whom you have a closer relationship, to help you with blog updates during this difficult time.

Maybe they'll be happy to guest post, give you interesting interview names, or do the interview themselves so you don't have to write your own. You can always exchange favors later.

Take everything they have to offer, because your priority now is to rest and restore your energies when illness or depression has drained you or you have an emergency.

Helpful Hints

MyBlogU Network : This site allows you to connect with and collaborate with other bloggers to write interesting content from sources.

Kingged Community : You can read and comment on community members' posts and private messages about them to ask for a short email on topics you have.

HARO : Helps journalists and bloggers find sources for interviews by simply submitting a request.

Hide blogging between other activities.

Writing can sometimes feel like a tedious task when you just want to turn off and “mourn,” but you know you can’t just shut down your blog while you work hard to solve the problems in your life and face the demons.

What you can do is write a little in between other things you do on your time, like homework or watching TV. This will help you continue blogging without thinking about blogging too much.

Useful advice

To Do List : Write a to-do list for your daily chores and other chores, and then find places you can use to write it down; For example, if you have a dentist appointment scheduled for that day, you can bring your laptop or notebook with you and write while in the waiting room. You can use online case/task management software like Todoist and HiTask.

Ask a friend to review your work

It's easy to change the tone or style or change the mood of your posts so that you're not equipped to proofread and edit your work when your mind isn't at its best.

A friend can help you review your work and catch any mistakes you're missing while checking the piece. (Good friends are good that don't make you feel bad!)

Useful advice

Free proofreading tools: If you don't have the right friend to rely on, you can use Grammarly and (my absolute favorite) Hemingway Editor.

Try different writing exercises.

A shocking event, the stressful task of blogging, or a particularly rough time in your life can trigger a writer's block.

The best advice in this case is to write down. It may seem paradoxical, but there is no other way to get an unlock unless you do something that you think you cannot do.

Exercise by forgetting timing, tone and style and even your audience. Write for yourself, whether it's a diary page or your personal thoughts on the topic you should write about in your post.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I am writing this through mild anxiety attacks and depression. My opening was completely unreadable and too stiff because I couldn't focus too much on my reader while half my mind was busy fighting anxiety and the need to cry.

So I started my post again:

All of a sudden I was talking to a friend of mine, another behind-the-screen blogger who was facing the same issues I am facing now.

This brought me to the zone, the words flew out of my head through the keyboard, and I cried liberated tears.

I peeled off.

Useful advice

Random Write Generator : You can use these exercises to break your block or get rid of the stiffness and get back to writing flow.

20 Blog Post Ideas When You Can't Come Up With Your Own Post by Laurie Soard on WHSR is a gem offering 20 headlines that you can use in a variety of situations and according to the message you want to get across to your readers. You can add advice to these 15 blog idea generators.

Let go

Postpone your post or ask for an extension if it's a guest post or a collaborative post.

If you're still writing, keep it small - simple review post, Q&A, interview. In other words, write content that you can release quickly without losing quality.

As a result, your blog will keep the interest of your readers, but you will work in a shorter time frame and reduce the risk of stress in your situation.

If you procrastinate and your readers get used to posts appearing on certain days, just be sure to let them know via social media that you'll be posting new content a day or two later and stay tuned for interesting content.

Useful advice

Editorial Calendar for Wordpress : This plugin helps you schedule and reschedule your posts without losing momentum in your publishing pace.

When you have completed your immediate blogging tasks, STOP

Write in short sprints - focus, write, publish or schedule. Use this posting checklist to see if you've covered it all.

Then don't plan any more. Give yourself time to feel better. Your mind and body need to find a new balance before you can start writing more posts or working on new ideas.

You can take the day off if you want, but even a relaxing nighttime filming will help.


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