The song of the sirens

Francis2022/11/17 08:23
The song of the sirens


I heard the songs of the sirens,

Those beautiful maidens in the deep of the oceans.

That which is forbidden and deadly.

I threw a tile and heard them sing.

A beautiful song of the battles from old.

They spoke of the struggles of this world,

And the suffering there in.

I heard them tell a story

Of a battle from years not very long.

They spoke of the pile up that almost filled the ocean.

And the transformation the color of the ocean almost had.

Their hearts full of sorrow and pity,

Anguish, regret and painful was the sound of their voices

They warned us of the terror to come.

One of them combed her hair,

She made an unclear pattern on her head.

It was mess and ruined to be specific.

And then they all sung and said;

The world rolls over and the proud die soon.

The rivers dry and the aquatic life dies out.

Who stands on that great but those with humility.

They all jumped into the water and flapped their fins.

And like dolphins, they sprang up and down.

With hands wide open for a clear balanced landing.

Their voices disappearing and appearing as they did that.

I heard what they had to say but not all they had to say.

Winds blew hard on the face of the oceans

And waves rushed down stream to the humans.

That's the voice of God, they sung.

This is the langauge of death we speak;

Draw out your armour leave your unrighteousness.

I saw a falcon fly above them and his wings making beats.

And with that they danced and jumped on rocks

And I fully viewed their dancing style.

Beautiful was that sight and I still live to tell the tale.

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