Top 3 best Premium Games for Andriod (Updated)

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Every day, the gaming industry grows more and more. It is used by more than a billion gamers globally.

Top 3 best Premium Games for Andriod (Updated)

You can feel the want to play new games during lean financial status, but outstanding games are rarely affordable.

If I told you that you could get a legal, free download of a paid game? Of course, you have the option to download games illegally. But doing so would be disrespectful to the game designers' toil, who used their imagination to create a masterpiece.

We shall legally indicate reliable sites to download paid premium games for free on ogzilla. No doubt, games have become part and package of our everyday lives.

Android developers are trending and making several paid games accessible for a limited time. All the games that were paid for but are now available for free can be challenging to find out. So here are shared the best Android games without paying any cost for them. 

What is Premium Game?

Mobile gaming has advanced more than any other technology in recent years. Every year, android gaming seems to progress to new levels. Even free-to-play games are growing better and better, with more and more premium game releases that push the limits of what mobile devices are capable of.

Through premium subscriptions, the casual games collection provides users with an ad-free gaming experience. A premium subscription is available for one month or one year.

The Microsoft store, app store, and google play store all sell premium goods to users of windows, ios, and android. A premium game typically compels the user to make in-game purchases.

Why Are We Using the Premium Game?

This multi-game platform has been used by many businesses as the basis for their subscription-based services. Even some of them no longer insist you purchase a costly game. To play, you only need to buy the premium version each time.

The ongoing game upgrades are covered by the monthly subscription, which also keeps money flowing into this virtual environment.

The majority of them do, so in addition to the monthly membership fee, you also have to pay for the premium game and any expansions.

Best Premium Free Game for Android 

Android games have come a long way, and there's much to choose from. Here are the best Android games currently available

Call of Duty: Mobile

We selected call of duty: mobile as the top android game of 2019. We often wait a bit before adding a game, but since call of duty: mobile has such a high rating and is so widely played, we added it earlier than usual.

The game has a 100-player battle royale as well as a standard fps online pvp mode. This places it in an atypical category where it performs both normal fps pvp games like critical ops or modern combat and battle royale games like pubg mobile.

The gaming mechanics are strong and fluid, and there is a surprisingly large amount of content to explore.

It is a free-to-play game, but most of the in-game assets are cosmetic items. If you want more options, you can find some more excellent FPS games or general shooting games here.

8-Ball Pool

8-ball pool is a game from 1900 United States. This game was a superior adaptation of Pyramid pool that permitted any eight of the fifteen article balls to be taken.

Before long, the 8-ball pool became famous, and players from everywhere began playing it expertly. Numerous novice players planned to become the best at pooling and go into serious competitions.

8 ball is a call shot game played with the help of string sticks and 15 object balls which are numbered from 1 to 15. A group of 7 balls (solid colors) has to be pocketed by a player, while the player has to lift nine balls through 15 (striped balls).

So, the player who steals all his group balls first, along with a legal 8-ball, wins the game.

Pokemon Go

In July 2016, Pokemon GO exploded onto the mobile gaming landscape and quickly rose to the top of all Android apps. Similar to Ingress, this augmented reality game lets you walk around the real world while catching Pokemon, doing mini-missions, competing with other trainers for gyms, and visiting Pokestops to reload on supplies.

As the most played mobile game in the world, it nearly broke all previous records. Many people believe the game is no longer played, however throughout the past few years, it has maintained an active player population and even looks to be growing in popularity.

Thank goodness, new features are frequently added to the game. New Pokemon, an AR camera mode, and a tonne of other cool features are some of the most recent additions. they are


If we missed any of the best Android games, tell us about them in the comments. You can also check here to latest android app and a game list. This game is secure to download.


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